- All products manufactured by DMD, have a 2 years European warranty.

- Products from other manufacturers have the warranty of each manufacturer, if you have purchased in DMD, will manage the warranty, returns and exchanges agree with each manufacturer.


To access these services please, follow the following steps:

1- Remember that you must be registered in the store DMD.
2- Select the product "
FORMREP" and add to shopping cart (to repair or revise).  

            - Once order Completed, you may download the document.

3- The amount of your repair order will be 0 at first.

4- Once our technical department repair the package and to detect the anomaly:

           - Warranty: If your system is warranty, automatically be sent the package (Free transport costs).

           - No Warranty: If your system doesn't warranty, automatically change the price of your order and when you make payment is sent the package (Transport cost by client).

Order confirmations can take 24 hours during working days

The average time for repairs is 15 working days and not more than 90 days in exceptional cases.

If you have any problems or need help you can send an email to (Spanish or English. Other languages also include the original text translated) or call custome service 615 18 50 77 (Spanish only)

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