Product Change

Product Change

- For a change of any type of product, (Europe only) will be before they have been over 10 labor days since you received the package, the product must be new and in perfect condition for ordering.

1- Remember that you must be registered in the store DMD.

Select the product "CP" and add to shopping basket (to make your request for a change).

3- Fill the order and in the "Order and Delivery comments", including:

- Reference and Number the product name in DMD (A product that is going to send)

- Number of purchase order in DMD store or dealer invoice num.

- Parts, products and accessories you are sending to make the change.

- Number, reference and name of the Product for which you want to make the change.

- Remarks.

The shipment in its original packaging (original packing essential to change and/or replacement of equipment) and send your product to make the change:

- Case for change: I sent the package. Charges to the customer.

Store Managers DMD review your request for "Change" and change its status to track.

7- You will receive a confirmation via E-mail the order. As it were a purchase. You can track the status of the change through the Web store.

8- When the technical service package and receive your change, be added to request the value of the changed product.

9 - Make your payment if applicable and amended DMD team status to "Paid" (this means that we have received your payment correctly and will send the package to your address.

- Case for Change: Expenses paid by the customer.

Order confirmations can take 24 hours on weekdays

The average time for repairs is 15 working labor days and a maximum of 90 days in exceptional cases.

If you have any problems or need help you can send an e-mail to (Spanish or English). Other languages also include the original text translated or call customer service: 615 18 50 77 (Spanish only)

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