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SIMFPV. Flight simulator RC/FPV.

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- Realistic Flight

- Great Scenarios

- Models for all levels of experience

- Game mode to gain experience while having fun

- Training Program for the beginner to learn to control a RC model.
  with 63 lessons including Controls, Take Off, Landing, Taxi, Forced Landings, and flight Patterns.

- Model will automatically reset to takeoff position after a crash (in case you ever crash...)

- A typical FPV model (First Person View)

- Generate your own Scenarios from a satellite image

- FPV First Person View with On Screen Display (OSD) showing GPS data

- Instrument Panel

- Model Editor


                                   Integrated in the simulator OSD644DMDG AeroSIM RC



Free version: Aerosim RC (Program test time 2 min).

Plugin: OSD644DMDG or plugin LRS V:2.54b3 for simulator.

More information: Aerosim Simulator.







  1. SIMFPV. Aerosim simulator.
  1. CABLE_SIMFPV. Adapter cable for RC Transmitter.


Note: Includes a USB cable to connect your own Station RC  to your computer y and adapter cable for your RC Transmitter.
You have to specify in the order in the "notes" the cable you need.

Reference cables for the various stations:

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