XPAD2 V2. RC Transmitter Professional Long Range up to 100Km RC and Telemetry + Bluetooth + RCJOY.

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XPAD2 V2. RC Transmitter Professional Long Range up to 100Km RC and Telemetry + Bluetooth + RCJOY.

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XPAD2 V2, is a professional transmitter radio control of long range for FPV and UAV flights.

Ranges from 25 up to 100Km VLOS. 

Manufactured with the latest of radios 5th generation of long range DMD, Dual ISM band to 866-960Mhz with 500mW of power and -110dBm of sensitivity which allows a maximum range of 100Km of RC and Telemetry providing total security in the radio link when making flights of long distances without worries and enjoying the flight.

Internal radiomodem with  MAVLINK protocol optional, compatible with software: Mission Planner, QGroundcontrol, etc.

Connectivity: RC, Telemetry, USB, Bluetooth,  RCBus, SPPM.

AES encryption for radio data (Opcional).

Nº Models: Without limit. It doesn't need memory for the models, the configuration is realized in each receiver.


Technical Characteristics:


Radio 5G Transmitter (Optional):

  • Frequency: Dual Band 866-960Mhz.
  • Range RC and Telemetry Max.: From 25Km to 100Km. @patch 9dBi ant TX, 5dBi omni RX.
  • Power: From 100 to 500mW.
  • Sensitivity: From -99dBm to -110dBm.
  • RF Filtrate: Digital. Compatible Video 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz.
  • Upgradeable: Yes.
  • PPM Refreshment: 40Hz
  • Fail Safe: Yes, programmable.
  • Interface: Yes, RCBus.



  • XPAD2V2_Datasheet


Telemetry MAVLINK (Optional): 

  • Radiomodem for telemetry with integrated MAVLINK protocol, can communicate with any system or autopilot that uses the same protocol.
  • Compatible autopilots: Pixhawk, PX4, MFD V2, Mini APM, Smart APM, AutopQuad, etc.
  • Software compatible: Mission Planner, QGroundcontrol.


AES encryption (Optional): 

  • AES Encryption, sends encrypted data packets for more security.



  • Screen. LCD, Backlit high contrast Blue/White.
  • Search Terminal Screen + Radiobeacon (Optional).


RC Joysticks: 

  • 2 RCJOY. Joysticks RC for controlling the model RC.



  • 1 Mini Jack connector: RCBus, is a serial bus data to extend and test devices XPAD2, as Head Tracker.
  • 1 Jack connector: COM5, for future connections.
  • 1 Jack connector: SPPM (Trainner).
  • 1 MicroUSB connectorConfiguracion del sistema, enviar y recibir comandos, recibir telemetria, actualizar y cargar.
  • 1 Antenna connector: 1-SMA-Female RC(866-960Mhz).


Internal Modules:

  • Bluetooth: Yes.



  • Voltage and Capacity: 3.7V, 2.400mAh (Optional 4.800mAh).
  • Duration: 6h approx. 



  • Dimensions: 268 x 106 x 42mm.
  • Weight: 718g.
  • Serie: XLRS_D2







  • Aplicación

  • Aplicación

  • Aplicación


  1. Transmistter RC: 
  • 1- XPAD2V2. (Optional range: 25, 50 or 100Km).
  1. Antennas: ​
  1. Extensions:
  1. Accesories:


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Additional product information

RC Transmitter Long Range XPAD2-25Km (TX 5G, 866-960Mhz, -99dBm, 100mW, 25Km). (720€).
Mavlink Telemetry No (0€)
Search Terminal + Radio Beacon No (0€)
Encryptation AES No (0€)

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