D3 Remote Controller

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KITXLRSD3V2-89. Radio Control and Mavlink / Transparent Data Link (25-50Km).

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RXLRS. Professional RX, 25-200Km Radio Control and/or Radio Modem, 8CH, SPPM, RCB, SMA-H, USB. (Frequency: 866-955Mhz., Long Range RX: 200Km (Radio XLRS 5G, -116dBm, 1000mW, 200Km). (653€), Radio Control: Yes (142€). Activates the Radio Control in RX., Radio Modem Transparent, Mavlink Telemetry: Yes (99€). Active Transparent protocol and Mavlink telemetry in RX, for communication with autopilots: PIXHAWK, MFD D2, AutoQuad, etc., AES Encryption: Yes (20€). Active AES Encryption in RX, Radio Control and Mavlink information is encrypted using this algorithm.)

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