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                                                                                         Digital Micro Devices S.L.

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                                                                           MUSEROS 46136 (Valencia) Spain. Europe.

Purchases made
Shop DMD or through a quote from DMD be liable for value added tax (VAT or VAT) in accordance with the rules governing natural and legal persons resident in Member States of the European Union and those residing in countries. (VAT is not applicable for sales outside Europe or the Canaries).

We thank you for your confidence in purchasing this DMD product, and we hope you are satisfied with your purchase.
In case this product requires any service during the warranty period, contact the distributor that sold it or directly with DMD.
  • All products manufactured by DMD hace 2 year warranty from date of purchase.
  • Software products may include specific warranty clauses.
  • The products of other manufacturers, hace the warranty of each manufacturer, if you have purchased in DMD, we will manage the warranty, returns and exchanges according to each manufacturer.
Your guarantee:
This warranty is applicable to your DMD product if it appears in the accompanying documentation that was purchased from an authorized dealer or directly from DMD.

Through this commercial guarantee, DMD guarantees the product against possible defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 (TWO) YEARS from the original date of purchase (European guarantee). This guarantee does not affect the legal rights of the consumer and user, which are independent and compatible with the commercial guarantee. The DMD company will provide and attend the warranty in DMD.
                                                                                          Digital Micro Devices S.L.

                                                                                    C / Federico García Lorca, No. 5.

                                                                           MUSEROS 46136 (Valencia) Spain. Europe.
If during this warranty period the product (on the original date of purchase) had defects in materials or workmanship, DMD will repair or replace the product or its defective parts, under the conditions specified below and without any charge for hand of work or pieces.

DMD may replace defective components or products with new or recycled ones. All products or components of the replaced products are property of DMD.

1. This warranty will be valid only when presented with the original invoice or proof of purchase (indicating the date of purchase, model and name of the distributor) together with the defective product during the period covered by the warranty. DMD reserves the right to don't offer the free warranty service if the indicated documents aren't presented or if the information they contain is incomplete or illegible. This warranty will not apply if the model name or serial number of the product has been altered, deleted, disappeared or illegible.
2. This warranty doesn't cover transportation costs or risks arising from the transportation of your product to and from DMD.
3. This warranty does not cover any of the following assumptions:
3.1 Periodic maintenance and repair or replacement of parts derived from the use and normal wear.
3.2 Fungible material (components that are expected to require periodic replacement during the life of the product, such as batteries, etc.).
3.3 Damage or defects arising from improper use, operation or treatment of the product and not due to normal use of the product.
3.4 Damages derived from:
3.4.1 Wrong use, included:
- Treatment that results in damage or physical, superficial or appearance changes of the product or damage to LCD screens.
- Installation or use of the product in a way that doesn't respect the installation or use instructions of DMD.
- Product maintenance so asn't to respect the DMD instructions for proper maintenance.
- Installation or use of the product in a way that doesn't respect the technical or safety standards of the country where it is used or installed.
3.4.2 States or defects of the system in which the product is used or incorporated with the exception of other DMD products designed for use with the product.

3.4.3 Use of the product with accessories, peripheral units and other products of a type, condition or standards not established by DMD.

3.4.5 Repairs made or repair attempts by third parties not belonging to DMD or authorized distributor.

3.4.6 Adjustments or adaptations without prior consent of DMD, including:
- Modifications of the product to adapt it to the technical or safety standards of countries for which the product wasn't specifically designed or manufactured.
3.4.7 Negligence.

3.4.8 Accidents, fires, liquids, chemicals, other substances, floods, vibrations, excessive heat, inadequate ventilation, electrical overloads, excessive or incorrect voltage or voltage supply, radiation, electrostatic discharge including lightning, other external forces and impacts.
3.5 This warranty covers only the hardware components of the product.
Exceptions and limitations:
Except in the cases mentioned above, DMD will not grant guarantees (explicit, implicit, statutory or otherwise) in relation to the product, the quality of the software or its annexes, the operation, accuracy, reliability or adaptability to a purpose of the logical or other equipment. If this exception is not lawful or contemplated by current law, DMD will limit or exclude your warranties only to the extent permitted by current law. Any guarantee that cannot be completely excluded shall be limited (to the extent permitted by current law) for the duration thereof.
The only obligation on the part of DMD in relation to this warranty is to repair or replace the products subject to the terms and conditions of this warranty. DMD is not responsible for the loss or damage of products, services, this warranty or others, including economic loss or non-evaluable damages; the price paid for the product; loss of benefits, income, information, usufruct or use of the product or associated products or loss, indirect, accidental or critical damage. This clause refers to whether the loss or damage is due to:
1. Deterioration or inoperability of the product or associated products due to defects or unavailability of DMD, loss of user time or a business interruption.

2. Bad performance of the product or associated products.
This fact refers to the loss or damage submitted to any legal theory, which includes negligence or other fraudulent procedures, breach of contract, explicit or implicit guarantees and strict obligations (even when DMD has already been advised of the possibility of such damages).

In cases where the law prohibits or limits these exclusions of liability, DMD will exclude or limit its liability only to the extent permitted by current law. For example, there are countries that prohibit the exclusion or limitation of damages caused by negligence, reckless negligence, deliberate misconduct, fraud and similar acts. DMD's liability in this warranty will not exceed, in any case, the price paid for the product, but if the current law allows only greater liability limitations, they will apply.

  • The characteristics of the products and their prices will be displayed in the shop. Articles and services must be available for sale until the last. Prices shown on the screen are in euros, don't include VAT (21%) and those in force, except typing error.
  • Offers are properly marked and identified as such. Its term of validity has effectiveness while they appear on your screen.
  • Electronic invoice is sent in PDF, with each order. The ownership of the products is DMD until the payment has been made in full.
  • The products will be sent by standard transport (DHL, MRW, TIPSA, UPS, TNT ..) and will be insured.
  • CE Certification: All products manufactured by DMD, have the CE marking of equipment conformity and are self-certified.


  • The customer who wants to make a purchase at the store must display DMD general conditions of purchase are included in that paragraph. The formalization of an order means under the acceptance of general conditions of sale contained in the page.
  • Along with the request will receive an electronic invoice (PDF) issued by Digital Micro Devices, sl (hereafter DMD). In a purchase to be sent to an address other than the one shown in the customer data (such as gift items), if the bill should be sent to the customer, which in any case, the person who actual payment to DMD.
  • The products will be shipped to the delivery address you specify, within the time stipulated by service delivery so that you have chosen. Products are shipped by standard Transport (MRW,TIPSA,TNT,UPS..) and be insured.

  • If you aren't satisfied with products purchased in shop DMD or, you can return (Just buying in Europe) within a period not exceeding 14 days, after receiving the product.
  • Returns must be sent along with the refund form, duly completed with your refund NDE, which will be sent after notification of the return to DMD. For any claim or potential impact, we recommend you contact at the Customer Service, phone: 615 18 50 77 (only Spanish) or send an email to:
Returns must be sent to:
Digital Micro Devices s.l.
Federico García Lorca, 5
MUSEROS 46136 (Valencia) - Spain.

  • Return will be made preferably by transport (MRW, TNT, TIPS, MAIL, UPS...).
  • The refund amount will be made by credit or discount for buying any other product of DMD.
  • The rules regarding refunds, (covered by the Act of 15/1/96 number 7/1996) claims, warranties, and issue invoices, are as follows:

No refunds will be admitted to not come in original packaging and the product in perfect condition.

Products such as electronic modules or some who may be reproduced or copied without delay, (Compact Disc, software, books, etc..) Are not allowed unless they are returned in their original sealed packaging, except for cases of defective goods .

The delivery or invoice stamped by DMD has validity as a manufacturer warranty, it will take effect from the day he delivers the address of the buyer.

Claims for any impacts that the product is delivered damaged, faulty, wrong, or any other cause of complaint could be treated as follows:
  • Whenever the completed form should be returned for refund. In the case of seeking repayment of the amount, the customer must send the product to Digital Micro Devices, within 14 days after receiving the order and return costs, are borne by the customer (as Act of 15/1/96 number 7/1996). If, by contrast, want the replacement product, DMD is committed to delivering product to the customer in perfect condition,and pick up the defective product when making the delivery.
  • If the product is software. After receiving the product, it must be registered by sending us the registration form or by certified mail the registration form with the sender signed it.

You can see all the information on our page: privacy policy.



If your product requires calibration, not working properly or has suffered a failure and sent him to repair, follow these steps:

  • Don't send even the product for repair.

Then all the packages without RMA number or repair order number accepted.

  • Please send an email to, explain the default of your product.
  • The technicians will answer to emails (Industrial and Professional FPV & UAV) in 24-48hours.
  • To fill the form and get the RMA number follow these steps:
    • Complete the form to FRP repairs and send to​
  • It will return an RMA number to accept compensation to be included in the shipping package and shipping instructions.
  • Send the product conveniently packaged, preferably by post or to transport freight prepaid by (DHL, MRW, TNT...).
  • Repairs will be made normally within 15 days and within a period not exceeding 90 days.


For any claim or potential impact, we recommend you contact at the Customer Service, Phone: +34 615 18 50 77 (Only Spanish) or send an email to:

The repairs must be sent to:

Digital Micro Devices s.l.

C/ Federico García Lorca,5.

46136 MUSEROS (Valencia) - Spain.

Technical Service.



An NDA for small businesses or companies in different countries entails an added complexity that is often unnecessary.

It would be fully justified by:

- Business amount, high purchases or type of purchases that justify it.

- Specific customized products.

- Revelation of secrets or technology.

- Use of reserved technologies.
DMD doesn't normally carry out any exchange of secret information or reserved technology, most information is public.

If you need DMD to design or modify any XLRS system, it can be done. In most cases the NDA is not necessary, as there are many special configurations and this cannot be exclusive for each company unless it is fully justified.

If you still believe the NDA is necessary, please send the necessary information to justify it.



DMD (Digital Micro Devices), isn't responsible for the result of the acts or consequences caused by the misuse of the equipment purchased in our store.

By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree that:

1. It will not send the items to a country with conflicts or sanctions (Except as otherwise provided by law) by the EU, you can check by sending an email to