DCDC38/5VRC. DCDC adjustable step down module, INP 4-38V, OUT 1.25-32V(Adjustable), OUT CURRENT 5A.

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Ajustable DCDC module, Input 4-38V, Output 1.25-32V(Adjustable), Output Current 5A.

The input has two stripped wires (Red + "positive" and Black - "GND"), ready to solder a connector (xt60, xt90, T026 or Banana...) suitable to connect directly to your battery.

The output has an RC (Futaba) connector and is set by default to 5V to connect directly to XLRS reveivers or video transmitters or modules that work to 5V. (it has a potentiometer to be able to increase or decrease the voltage, (Voltmeter is needed to adjust)).




  • Input voltage: DC 4V ~ 38V.
  • Output voltage: DC 1.25V ~ 32V (by default 5V) (Adjustable).
  • Output current: 0A ~ 5A.
  • Output power: 75W (More than 50W please add heat sink).
  • Operating Frequency: 180KHz.
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ +85°C.
  • Load regulation: S(I)≤0.8%.
  • Voltage regulation: S(u)≤0.8%.


Recommendations: The voltage limit we recommend for this type of DCDC is to use it with a maximum battery of 6 cells (25.2V).


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