ANT24G24DB. Grid Parabolic Antenna 2.4GHz 24dBi.

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2.4Ghz 24dBi directional satellite dish, ideal for long distances outdoors. (Greater reach if there aren't objects in front).

Made of aluminum alloy, it can be used with both vertical and horizontal polarization.

The signal quality received is extraordinary, with high gain system for long range, and the best signal stability.

Prepared for outdoors, it supports adverse weather conditions for years.

Easy installation.



Frequency: 2.4GHz ~ 2.4835GHz

Impedance (Ω): 50 Ohm

Gain: 24dBi

VSWR: ≤1.5

Horizontal BeamWidth: 14 °

Vertical BeamWidth: 10 °

F/B Ratio: > 30dB

Polarization: Vertical or Horizontal

Maximum input power: 100W

Connector: N Female

Application: Outdoors

Mounting Style: Pole / wall / tripod mount.

Antenna Dimension: 600 × 900 mm

Weight: 2.8Kg

Mounting Mast Diameter: Ø30 ~ Ø50 mm

Operating temperature range: -40ºC ~ 80ºC

Rated Wind Velocity: 216 Km / h

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