ANTPO89M2DB. 2 Cloverleaf Antennas 900Mhz 1.5dBi, RHCP.

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Set of circular polarization clover antennas 900Mhz 5dBi.

Designed as direct fit circularly polarized antenna replacements for the standard stock linear whip antennas. Because each antenna in the set is mounted on a semi-rigid cable, you have control of the angle the antenna tilts. Integrated baluns on the cables prevent unintended interactions with extension cables or other equipment attached to or in close proximity of the antennas.

Easy installation.



Frequency: 900Mhz

Lobes: 3(For TX) y 5(For RX)

Gain: 1.4dBi(Antenna 3 Lobe) and 1.25dBi(Antenna 5 Lobe)

Axial Ratio.67(Antenna 3 Lobe) and .72(Antenna 5 Lobe)

Polarization: Circular RHCP

Connector: SMA-Male



1- 3 Lobe Cloverleaf Antenna (normally used on the Transmitter), with straight SMA male connector.

1- 5 Lobe Cloverleaf Antenna (normally used on the Receiver), with straight SMA male connector.



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