BOOST24G4W. Video Booster 2.4Ghz 4W for XOSD.

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Obsolete product: it is replaced by the news video transmitters XOSD of 1W or 2W, (In preparation, available from January-February), for more information send an email to


BOOST24G4W, is a video booster 2.4Ghz 4W exclusively designed to increase the video range in XOSDV2 transmitters (or similar XOSD models).

Ranges from 80 to 100Km with an omnidirectional 5dBi antenna on the plane or Drone and 24dBi (ANT24G24DB) on the ground.

Improve the power of your XOSD2 from 0.5W (+ 27dBm) to 4W (+ 36dBm).


Attention: It isn't valid for Wifi. Before using BOOST24G4W, check the regulations of your country. Not for use in UE.




Video Booster:

  • Maximum Range: 80-100Km, with 5dBi omnidirectional antenna on Plane/Drone and 24dBi on the ground.
  • Frequency: 2.4Ghz.
  • Frequency Range: 2370-2510Mhz.
  • Power: 4W. 
  • Working Temperature: Top 42ºC, Bottom 51ºC.
  • Ambient Temperature: -10ºC to 45ºC.
  • Voltage: 12V. Min 10,8V. Max 13,5Vcc.
  • Direct power: with LiPo of 3 cells / 11,1V, or power from a DCDC ajusted to 12Vdc/2A.
  • Consumption: Stand by 250mA. Active @12V, @4W(RF) 1,43A. 
  • 1 Blue Led: Stand by.
  • 1 Green Led: Activated Booster.
  • 1 Input: TX input (SMA-Female), max. input power 500mW(+27dBm).
  • 1 Output: Antenna output (SMA-Female).
  • Dimensions: 75,22 x 40,25 x 29,37mm.
  • Weight: 81g (Without antenna).
  • Box: Robust machined aluminum.
  • 1 Fan: Dissipates the heat of the module.
  • Base: With 4 holes to add M3 screws.


1 Antenna, 2 XOSDV2:

With a special adapter (Adapter no included in BOOST24G4W) you can use two XOSDV2 with a video booster and see two cameras simultaneously (selecting 2 cameras of 4) with a single output antenna with 2W + 2W per channel. Increase the reach and
  save antennas.





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  • Video Booster: 
    • 1- BOOST24G4W. Video Booster 2.4Ghz 4W.
  • Antenna: ​​
    • 1- ANTGSM24. Omnidirectional antenna 5dBi, 2.4Ghz.


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