BOOTADMD-V3. Charger firmware and setup micro USB. To update and configure products DMD.

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Program loader (Firmware) and configuration (SETUP) for all DMD products, industrial or for systems long range (FPV/UAV). 

To update a device, connect the BOOTADMD-V3 through the RCBUS connection of the device and the PC by USB port.

Load firmware and setup configuration of the devices DMD are performed with software software DMDStudio on the button (BOOT) or also with old software (BOOTLOADER).

We recommend using the latest version of software DMDStudio (To download you need to register on the Wiki DMD).

RCBus Connection (GND, Positive(3V3),Data), if you are connected in reverse it will not work, but the device is not damaged. 

There are other devices with mini usb direct connection and don't require BOOTADMD-V3. To upgrade or configure, only is necessary DMDStudio software.


*Micro USB cable not included.


Main features:

  • Switch to power RCBUS to 3.3V.
  • Button. To wake up dispositives ultra low power consumption as PMAN, RadioBeacon, etc. 


Technical Characteristics:

  • 1 Led (ON/OFF).
  • 1 Switch to power RCBus to 3.3V.
  • 1 Button.
  • 1 Micro USB (Micro-B).


Examples connections with (BOOTADMD V1,V2 and V3):




  • Software DMDStudio (Win7,8 and 10): DMDStudio






*Micro USB cable not included.

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