BTSD1. Ground TX module, 25-200Km, Radio Modem and/or Radio Control and/or Search Terminal.

BTSD1. Ground TX module, 25-200Km, Radio Modem and/or Radio Control and/or Search Terminal.

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Note: Laptop and Transmitter WFLY RC not included.


Ranges VLOS: 

  • 25KM: +20dBm(100mW), -99dBm @50kb, 866-960Mhz.
  • 50KM: +20dBm(100mW), -110dBm @50kb, 866-960Mhz.
  • 100KM: +27dBm(500mW), -115dBm @50kb, 866-960Mhz.
  • 200KM: +30dBm(1000mW), -116dBm @50kb, 866-960Mhz.





BTSD1, is a Long Range Ground module from (25 up to 200Km), is a very versatile system with multiple possibilities that according to the licenses acquired ca be:

  • Long Range Radio Modem with Mavlink protocol and transparent. It connects directly to the PC via USB and is compatible with software: Mission Planner, QGroundControl, DMDStudio, etc.
  • Radio Control, RC XLRS Transmitter, compatible with any standard RC Transmitter (Futaba, WFLY, etc), connects directly throught the trainner port of your RC Transmitter, will automatically detect the joysticks and channels of the RC Transmitter and send them to RMD1 module.
  • Search Terminal, you can locate and find lost vehicles or airplanes using radio beacons RDB_RECOVERY. (If you add the license in this kit, and RDB_RECOVERY will be included).
  • All these licenses can be used at the same time or separately, that is to say the BTSD1 can only work as Radio Modem, only as Radio Control system or both at the same time and/or as a Search Terminal.  

Manufactured with the latest of radios 5th generation of long range DMD, Dual ISM band to 866-955Mhz with 1000mW of power and -116dBm of sensitivity which allows a maximum range of 200Km of RC and Telemetry providing total security in the radio link when making flights of long distances without worries and enjoying the flight.




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  • Can add more functionality to XLRS_D1 system, purchasing more licenses. 
  • More information click on the following links:





  1. Transmitter RC XLRS and/or Radio Modem and/or Search Terminal: 
  • 1- BTSD1. (Optional range: 25, 50, 100 or 200Km).
  1. Antennas: ​
  1. Licenses:
  • 1-Radio Modem. Transparent and Mavlink Telemetry protocol. (Optional).
  • 1-Radio Control XLRS (Optional). 
  • 1-Search Terminal + Radiobeacon. (Optional).
  1. Accesories:
  • 1-LAT54_SMAH/SMAM. Cable SMA-Female to SMA-Male, 540mm. 
  • 1-CABLE_USB/MICROUSB. Cable USB-A Male to Micro USB-B Male, 2m.
  • 1-CABLE_MJRCCable Audio Stereo MiniJack 3.5M/M to RC Female Connector. (Only with Radio Control license).
  • 1-CABLE_SIMFPV. Adapted cable RC standard Transmitter trainner port to Female MiniJack. (Only with Radio Control license).
  • 1-XLRS Neck Lanyard for transmitter XPAD.
  • 1-Fuse 2A.
  • 1-Key suitcase.


* If you select the Radio Control license, indicate in the order note the type of RC station you will use (We will add the CABLE_SIMFPV for your station).

* The images shown on this page are for reference only and may differ from the final products.

* This page shows the description of all products and options that can be selected in the KITXLRSD1, the contents of the Kit will vary depending on the options selected.


Additional product information

TX Long Range BTSD1-25Km (TX 5G, 866-960Mhz, -99dBm, 100mW, 25Km). (94€).
Directional Patch Antenna No. By default 2 ANTGSM900 omnidirectional 5dBi, 868-928Mhz.
Radio Control No (0€)
Radio Modem Yes (99€). Active Transparent protocol and Mavlink telemetry in TX, for communication with autopilots: PIXHAWK, MFD D2, AutoQuad, etc.
Search Terminal + Radio Beacon No (0€)
AES Encryption No (0€)

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