GIMFH310Z. 1080P HD 10X Optical Zoom Camera with 3-axis Gimbal.

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FH310Z consists of a 1080P 10X optical zoom camera and a accurate 3-axis gimbal. This FH310Z offers 1080P HDMI output for HD video transmission back to the ground. And the zooming function makes it possible to see objects in detail over distance. The inner processor and the 3-axis gimbal provide mechanical and digital stabilization at the same time which guarantee the stable image even at full zooming in.

FH310Z 10X zoom camera module is also fully shielded by beautiful aluminum case, even though, the total weight of the camera is only 370g. The FH310Z also features incredible focus speed that less than 1 seconds, which is an important feature for using on a drone. We considered the difficulties of locking an object at full zooming, so a special mode switch is designed to change the moving speed of the gimbal. The mode switch can also help you to change between head-lock mode and follow mode. The head lock mode only works with the low-gimbal-moving-speed mode.
The photo / video/playback functions can be chosen by another switch assigned to a 3-position switch on your radio. The FH310Z has two video output ports, HDMI and Analog, which makes it possible to use traditional analog video link or the high resolution HD video link.



  • 10X zoom camera:

    • ​Working voltage: 12V

    • High image quality: 1/3" 4megapixel CMOS sensor 

    • Output resolution: 1920*1080@60fps

    • Recording resolution: 1920x1080@30fps.

    • Record format: H.264 

    • Optical zoom: 10x zoom focus length:f =4.9~49mm,diaphragm diameter φ12.0

    • Support wide dynamic,dynamic range up to 105dB,good capture in both strong and low light condition

    • Interface: HDMI and AV output,up to 32GB SD card storage at 1080P

    • Real-time quick focus function, focus time<1S

    • Manual focus available when auto focus can't deal with the complex background

    • Support flip vertical/flip horizontal/still image,AWB,auto gain control, auto color correction

    • Working temperature range: -10℃ - 55 ℃

    • Super Low lux: colorful 0.05 lux @ F1.6, ensures clear details display shooting in low light

    • PWM zoom control.

    • Multipal working modes: Photo shot,video recording start&stop,playback

    • Small size: 63mm×47mm×40mm

    • Light weight: 108g


  • 3-axis Gimbal:

    • Working voltage: 3S(11.1V).

    • Working current: Static,240mA@12V; Dynamic, 320mA@12V.

    • Fully assembled, Plug and Fly.

    • PID pre-calibrated.

    • 3 zoom speed options: low,middle,high.

    • Control range: -90°to +90°(Tilt).

    • -150°to +150°(Pan).

    • -45°to +45°(Roll).

    • Working temperature: -10℃~50℃.

    • Weight: 260g.

    • Size: L105mm x W91mm x H98mm.



  • 1x FH310Z 1080P 10X Zoom Camera.

  • -1x FH310Z 3-axis Gimbal.

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