KITXLRSD2V3-89. Remote Controller with Radio Control and Mavlink / Transparent Data Link (15-30Km).

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eXtended Long Range System D2 V3

new_23 New Version 2020


Remote controller XPAD2V3 and RXLRS Receiver.

It is a professional system with minimalist design prepared for all types of applications FPV with 500mW RF Power and -110dBm of sensitivity to work between 15-30Km (LOS) and with a maximum range of 100km.

Two options available for free ISM band 866-950Mhz or 433Mhz.

Internal battery with duration of approximately 6 hours.

RC and Data Link data are secure with the AES128 encryption algorithm.

Is compatible with transparent data link and with the Mavlink protocol for communication with autopilots such as: Pixhawk, APM or similar.

Also from the XPAD2V3 Remote Controller you can communicate from USB or Bluetooht to routes software compatible with Mavlink such as: Mission Planner, QGround Control, similar or custom software to send / receive transparent data.


More information about XLRSD2 V3 on







XLRS_D2 system.

XLRS diagrams connected.

DMDStudio, software configuration XLRS system.



1- XPAD2V3-89 (866-950Mhz). Remote Controller Radio Control  and Mavlink / Transparent Data Link.

1- RXLRS-89 (866-950Mhz)Professional Receiver Radio Control and Mavlink / Transparent Data Link.

2- ANTGSM900. Omnidirectional antennas 868-928Mhz 5dBi.

1- LAT54_SMAH/SMAM. Cable SMA-Female to SMA-Male, 540mm.

1- CABLE_SERVO_HH. Cable Servo RC Female to Female, 200mm.  

1- CABLE_EXT_SERVO_MH. Extensor Cable Servo RC Male to Female, 300mm.

1- CARXP217. Charger for remote controller XPAD.

1- CABLE_PX4_RX. Adapted Cable for Pixhawk-RX, 300mm.

1- CABLE_USB/MICROUSB. Cable USB-A Male to Micro USB-B Male, 2m.

1- XLRS Neck Lanyard for remote controller XPAD.

1- Fuse 2A.


Monitor not included.

* The image information shown on this page, are only referential and may differ from the final product.

* The ranges shown are estimates and in optimal conditions.


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Frequency 866-950Mhz.

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BQ89. Biquad antenna 866-920Mhz, 9dBi.
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