KITXLRSD3V2-89. Radio Control and Mavlink / Transparent Data Link (25-50Km).

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eXtended Long Range System D3 Version 2

new_23 New Version 2020



Remote controller XPAD3V2 and RXLRS Receiver.

It is a professional system, elegant design with personality and robust prepared for all types of applications FPV with 1000mW RF Power and -116dBm of sensitivity to work between 25-50Km (LOS) and with a maximum range of 200km. For those who need a strong and safe radio link.

Two options available for free ISM band 866-950Mhz or 433Mhz.

Internal battery with duration of approximately 10 hours.

RC and Data Link data are secure with the AES128 encryption algorithm.

Is compatible with transparent data link and with the Mavlink protocol for communication with autopilots such as: Pixhawk, APM or similar.

Also from the XPAD3V2 Remote Controller you can communicate from USB or Bluetooht to routes software compatible with Mavlink such as: Mission Planner, QGround Control, similar or custom software to send / receive transparent data.

News 2020: We have improved the structure of the XPAD3V2 remote controller box, now it has integrated an accessory to place a 7” FPV monitor or a smartphone to visualize the video of the vehicle and a new suitcase to transport the entire system of safe way and ready to get up and running quickly.


More information about XLRSD3 V2 on






XLRS_D3 system.

XLRS diagrams connected.

DMDStudio, software configuration XLRS system.



1- XPAD3V2-89 (866-950Mhz). Remote Controller Radio Control  and Mavlink / Transparent Data Link.

1- RXLRS-89 (866-950Mhz). Professional Receiver Radio Control and Mavlink / Transparent Data Link.

2- ANTGSM900. Omnidirectional antennas 868-928Mhz 5dBi.

1- LAT54_SMAH/SMAM. Cable SMA-Female to SMA-Male, 540mm.

1- CABLE_SERVO_HH. Cable Servo RC Female to Female, 200mm.  

1- CABLE_EXT_SERVO_MH. Extensor Cable Servo RC Male to Female, 300mm.

1-CARXP217. Charger for remote controller.

1- CABLE_PX4_RX. Adapted Cable for Pixhawk-RX, 300mm.

1- CABLE_USB/MICROUSB. Cable USB-A Male to Micro USB-B Male, 2m.

1- XLRS Neck Lanyard for remote controller.

1- Fuse 2A.


Monitor not included.

* The image information shown on this page, are only referential and may differ from the final product.

* The ranges shown are estimates and in optimal conditions.


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Frequency 866-950Mhz.

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BQ89. Biquad antenna 866-920Mhz, 9dBi.
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