RFPLUS-D1. Increase RF power 1W (+ 30dBm) and sensitivity -116dBm to the XLRS_D1 V2 system.

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* Software license to increase the RF power and sensitivity of the XLRS radio on XLRS_D1 V2 (2020) systems.

If you purchase this product you can increase the RF power to 1W (+ 30dBm) and sensitivity -116dBm to your XLRS_D1 V2 (2020) system.

If you have placed the order for the XLRS_D1 (2020) system together with this product, we will automatically add the license to your system.


This extension can be applied to the following products:

XLRS_D1 V2 (2020).


To activate the license, make the purchase of this product and in the internal note of the order, indicate the reference of the product you want activate and the MAC code.

For example: Module RXLRS, MAC xxxxxxxxxx | Module BTSD1, MAC xxxxxxxxxx.

Once the purchase is made, you will receive a code in 24h (Business Days) or 72h (Weekends) by email so that you can activate the license through DMDStudio software.




* This license can only be applied to the XLRS_D1 V2 systems of 2020 hereinafter.

* This product contains 2 licenses that is applicable to two devices (BTSD1 + RXLRS).

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