RXLRS. Professional RX, 25-200Km Radio Control and/or Radio Modem, 8CH, SPPM, RCB, SMA-H, USB.

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Nota: The RXLRS receiver replaces RMD1, RXD2 and RXD3.

RXLRS professional receiver radio control and/or radi mode of ultra long range from 25Km up to 200Km with telemetry.

The most powerful receiver and far-reaching that will provide distant flights EVLOS with the security of a good radio link.

Manufactured with the latest 5th generation DMD long range radius technology.

AES encryption for radio data (Optional).

Compatible with XLRS transmitters: BTSD1, XPAD2-2017, XPAD3 and GCSD4.

Redundant: Can be connected two RXLRS receivers to provide a redundant system in the same band or in different bands. (Consult).



  • 5G Receiver (Optional): From  25Km (+20dBm(100mW) -99dBm) to 200Km (+30dBm(1000mW) -116dBm), @50Kb, 866-955Mhz or 433Mhz.
    • Maximum range RC and telemetry: From 25Km to 200Km LOS, with antennas RX 5dBi and TX 9dBi.
  • RC Channels: 8 cannels RC. 
  • Output (SPPM / CPPM): 13 cannels RC. 
  • RCBUS. Serial communication XOSD and others XLRS devices.
  • AES encryption (Optional).
  • MAVLINK Protocol (Optional): Serial port COM3.
  • Serial Ports “COM4” and “COM5”: Deactivated, Future functions.
  • Channel: Fixed or Frequency Hopping (FHSS).
  • Connector: Micro USB.
  • ALPHA Commands. (Interface open source text).
  • Upgradeable / Configurable: With DMDStudio software.
  • Antenna Connector: SMA Female.
  • Antenna: ANTGSM900Omnidirectional antenna 5dBi, 866-960Mhz or 433Mhz (According to selected frequency).


News and improvements 

  • Microcontroller with double memory FLASH, RAM and Eeprom.
  • Improved PCB, more protection in general.
  • Improved box, more robust, screws on inserts.
  • Internal protection against reverse polarity on + 5V servo connectors.
  • EDS protection and RF Filters in USB.
  • ESD protection (static) for all pins including servos.
  • Pins servos protection against short circuits and overloads.




Radio 5G (Optional):

  • Frequency: Dual Band 866-960Mhz or 433Mhz.
  • Range Radio Control Max: From 25Km to 200Km RC and Telemetry. @patch 9dBi ant TX, 5dBi omni RX.
  • Power: From 100mW to 1000mW.
  • Sensitivity: From -99dBm to -116dBm.
  • RF Filtrate: Digital. Compatible Video 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz.
  • Upgradeable: Yes.
  • Power Supply: 5V @130mA. Min 3.3V. Max 6.5Vcc.




info More information www.xlrs.eu.


Telemetry MAVLINK (Optional): 

  • Radiomodem for telemetry with integrated MAVLINK protocol, can communicate with any system or autopilot that uses the same protocol.
  • Compatible autopilots: Pixhawk, PX4, MFD V2, Mini APM, Smart APM, AutopQuad, etc.
  • Software compatible: Mission Planner, QGroundcontrol.


AES Encryption (Optional): 

  • AES Encryption 128b, sends encrypted data packets for more security.














  1. Receiver RC: 
  • 1- RXLRS. (Optional range: 25, 50, 100 or 200Km).
  1. Antennas: ​
  1. Extensions:
  1. Accesories:


* The images shown on this page are for reference only and may differ from the final products.

* This page shows the description of all products and options that can be selected in the RXLRS, the contents of the product will vary depending on the options selected.


Additional product information

Frequency 866-955Mhz.
Long Range RX 200Km (Radio XLRS 5G, -116dBm, 1000mW, 200Km). (653€)
Radio Control Yes (142€). Activates the Radio Control in RX.
Radio Modem Transparent, Mavlink Telemetry Yes (99€). Active Transparent protocol and Mavlink telemetry in RX, for communication with autopilots: PIXHAWK, MFD D2, AutoQuad, etc.
AES Encryption Yes (20€). Active AES Encryption in RX, Radio Control and Mavlink information is encrypted using this algorithm.

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