RXRC11PV2. Professional 869Mhz Receiver Range RC and Telemetry (18-72Km).

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RXRC11PV2. Professional 869Mhz Receiver Range RC and Telemetry (18-72Km).
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RXRC11PV2. Blue Serie, Range (18-72Km)


Professional Receiver (869-915Mhz) radio controlled digital with range between (18-72Km RC and Telemetry 500mW), according to the combination antennas. For maximum range antenna, DMD recommended ANTGSM900.

Is used for the Modality FPV & UAV and Hobby people Professional.

This model this particular filtering in RF transmission with 40dBm to transmit less harmonic and reception with an exceptional 80dBm filtering for working in harsh environments with fields RF electromagnetic intense for example, Around repeaters.

The sensitivity is not excessively high to avoid any interference thought possible in harsh RF environments.

With coverage 50-70km more than sufficient for most jobs.



        Receiver: RXRC11PV2.


        Antenna 3dBi (869-915Mhz).


Technical Characteristics:

RC range max 50-70 Km. With TX11MFLRS-500 or TX11UNFLRS-500 (500mW)
Telemetry range max. 50-70 Km. With TX11MFLRS-500 or TX11UNFLRS-500 (500mW -104dBm)
Power + 27dBm (500mW).  
Sensitivity -104dBm. 90% ok packages.
Dimmer Yes. max 18dBm. 6DBm steps.
RF band ICM 869 or ISM 915 Mhz. According to model.
Frequency 868 to 870Mhz and 902 to 928Mhz.  
RF filters Yes. 40dBm TX and RX 80dBm. Compatible video 1.3Ghz, 2.4Ghz and 5.8 GHz.
Pipeline 100 KHz.  
Modulation 38 kb GFSK. HF or fixed channel.  
RSSI Digital. Calibrated +-1dBm.
RSSI analog According to firmware. By CH10.
RF module WM11500LRS.  
Telemetry Yes. Symmetrical. GPS + LRS.
RC channels 8-9 standard servos. 3 Auxiliary.
Output antenna Connector SMA female.  
Refresh PPM 40 Hz.  
Power 5.0V @ 350mA. Min 3.3V. Max 6.5Vcc.
Fail Safe Yes. Programmable.

General Features:

Dimensions 46 x 32 x 20mm.  
Weight 22 grams.  
Box ABS plastic. Black.
Updatable Yes. BootADMD-V2.
Wide band RF filter 2Mhz (869), 26Mhz (915 Mhz).  
Series Blue.  

         Includes the latest version.

        General Features RX LRS.


How to Use:

        Used for modality FPV/UAV.

        Can also be used for (Cars, Boats, Helicopters, Cuadracopters, Robots...) of Radio Control.



        Used to people the world FPV / UAV (Professional).


LRS Connection:

        - System LRS of DMD Connection.



        - For more information go to the Wiki LRSDMD.

        - RXRC11PV2.


RXRC11xxV2 V:2.2 Receivers LRS Handbook English









































































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