WLINK_USB_4GME. Radio modem USB, 25mW, 866-960Mhz. (Range 8Km).

Product no.: WLINK_USB_4GME

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Radio modem USB, external antenna with network protocol Unibus12W and 25mW in ICM-ISM bands from 866 to 960Mhz

Compatible with the new generation of wireless products DMD, Unibus12W (4G y 5G). 

With WLINKUSB4GMx and other device 4G or 5G, you can get links up to 8 kilometers depending of ambient conditions, environment and antennas.

To achieve more, you can use repeaters or compatible devices 5G with 500mW of power, greater sensitivity and depending antennas, range up to 180Km. 



  • Radio links networking industrial.
  • Fixed systems or mobiles or on flight (UAV, Drones).
  • Robots. Special vehicles.
  • Repeater. (Optional).
  • Metering. Transponders active/passive.
  • Monitoring and industrial control.
  • Wireless Metering Smart GRID (AMR y AMI).
  • Automation houses and buildings.
  • Wireless sensor Networks. RFID actives.
  • and much mores...

Technical features:

  • Frequency: 866-960Mhz.
  • ISM Bands: 866, 868, 902, 950Mhz.
  • RF Power: -9 a +14dBm. (25mW).
  • Sensitivity: -106 to -108dBm@50Kb.
  • Modulation: GFSK, 50Kb.
  • Channeling: 50Khz.
  • Range max. Outdoor: 8km.
  • Range aprox. Indoor: 500m.
  • Interface: USB.
  • Upgradeable: From PC by USB.
  • Dimensions: 69,5 x 25,6 x 13,5mm.
  • Weight: 15g.



(For the moment in Spanish, in a few days will translate all the information).

  • User Manual:



  1. Antenna. 3dBi, 869-915Mhz.

Optionally you can choose operate in other Bands ISM:

169Mhz, 315Mhz, 433Mhz, 868Mhz(Default) or 915Mhz. 

Depending on the selected ISM Band the product will have other ranges and different prices. 

If you need more information and we change ISM Band, send an email to dmd@dmd.es


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