XOSD3W58. OSD + Video TX 5.8Ghz 200mW + Micro Fan + Microphone + 4CH RC + 2 Input cameras + MMCX-F.

XOSD3W58. OSD + Video TX 5.8Ghz 200mW + Micro Fan + Microphone + 4CH RC + 2 Input cameras + MMCX-F.

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XOSD3W58 is compact and has integrated 5.8Ghz 200mW transmitter and OSD(On Screen Display), that presents graphs, icons and texts W/B on screen oriented mainly for the visualization of the instruments of an aircraft and of flight data in airplanes, helicopters and radio control FPV systems, UAV, robots, surveillance, etc.

The RMD1, RXD2, RXD3 or RXLRS receivers can be connected to XOSD3W58 through the RCBus port by providing XLRS radio data (RSSI RX, RSSI TEL, Quantity RC packets, RF noise, Real-time Km calculation, etc.), XOSD it presents them on the screen as text objects or graphics, superimposing them on analog video.

It also interprets Mavlink data packets from a Pixhawk autopilot or autopilots compatible with Mavlink protocol, connects to the autopilot telemetry port at 38400baud and shows on screen (GPS, Altitude, Speed, Flight mode, Flight time, Artificial Horizon, etc.). 


RXVID358 and XOSD3W58 work synchronously (In flight change channel, etc.) with the data on the screen and RXVID358 battery alarm on the OSD screen.

Attention: Before using XOSD, check the regulations of your country. Not for use in UE.





  • 4 RC Channels: Auxiliary servos with mixes.
  • 1 Input: Mavlink Telemetry.
  • 2 Camera Inputs: PAL video (Can be powered at 5 or 12V).
  • 2 RCBUS Input. (TTL Data): Serial communications with RX XLRS and other XLRS devices.
  • 1 Red Led: Video Synchronization.
  • 1 Blue Led: Camera 1.
  • 1 Blue Led: Camera 2.
  • Resolution: 42 characters x 32 lines.
  • Instruments/Objects: 50.
  • 3 Configurable pages.
  • Micro Fan: Dispels the heat of video TX.
  • Internal Microphone: with audio preamp and volume control.
  • Voltmeter of 5V.
  • Temperature sensor.



  • Pages: 0 = Transparent and 1 = Instruments.
  • Intruments config.: 50 Objects.
  • Alarms configYes.
  • Units of MeasurementMetric (Km, m, ºC) or Imperial (Miles, feet, knots, ºF).
  • Instruments: Power, Flight, Navegation, XLRS Radio, UAV and Several.


Video Transmitter: 

  • Frequency: 5.8Ghz.
  • Power: 200mW (+23dBm).
  • Channels: 8.
  • Channels selection: CH1: 5733Mhz, CH2: 5752Mhz, CH3: 5771Mhz, CH4: 5790Mhz, CH5: 5809Mhz, CH6: 5828Mhz, CH7: 5847Mhz, CH8: 5866Mhz.
  • Working temperature: 10ºC ~ + 85ºC (measured in the XOSD CPU).
  • Ambient Temperature: -10ºC to 50ºC.


  • Dimensions: 82,25 X 26,85 X 33,25mm.
  • Support holes: 4 holes of M2.5.
  • Weight: 58g.
  • Box: Plastic and fiber base 2mm.
  • Configurable and upgradeable: Yes with DMDStudio.

More information click here, Technical Features XOSD.



  • XOSD3W58_Datasheet_01_w30





  • Aplicación



  • Aplicación



  • Video Transmitter + OSD:  ​
    • 1- XOSD3W58. OSD + Video TX 5.8Ghz 200mW. 
  • Antennas: 
    • 1- ​ANTGSM58. Omnidirectional Antenna 5dBi, 5.8Ghz with connector SMA male.
  • ​​Accesories: 
    • 1-LAT15_SMAH/MMCXM. Cable SMA-Female to MMCX-Male, 150mm.
    • 1-CABLE_PX4_XOSD. Cable Pixhawk for XOSD. 
    • 1-CABLE_SERVO_HH. Cable Servo RC Female to Female. 
    • 1-Jumper.



* The images shown on this page are only referential and may differ from the final products.

Analog video systems with powers greater than 25 or 100mW at 5.8Ghz, shouldn't be used in Europe, except authorized users. For governmental or military use, depending on the country, you can use frequencies of 1.2 or 1.3Ghz, consult.


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