LNA35.Low Noise Amplifier 35Mhz

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The preamplifier of low noise LNA35 has been designed for increasing the sensibility and the reach of the radio sets control in the bands of 35Mhz principally and 72Mhz. Amplify the frequencies as from 12Mhz to 95Mhz, highlighting the filter in 35Mhz to 22dB and attenuate the rest of frequencies. With a size of 20x15x5mm, and a profit between 20 and 23dB to 35Mhz and 8 to 10dB to 72Mhz, you can double the reach for the most part, dear in FPV's mode, when it is wanted to catch up with more, to very low cost. The nutrition comes from 5Vcc and the consumption of 10mA. It is not commendable to use it in power-driven electric models of little brooms because a lot of noise of radio generates frequency that you would amplify and would not be useful .

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