RMAV_RX. Add Mavlink telemetry in RX D1, D2, D3 or RXLRS.

Product no.: RMAV_RX

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Activate this license and you will get the Mavlink protocol in RMD1, RXD2, RXD3 or RXLRS.


Radiomodem for telemetry with integrated MAVLINK protocol, can communicate with any system or autopilot that uses the same protocol.

Compatible autopilots: Pixhawk, PX4, MFD V2, Mini APM, Smart APM, AutopQuad, etc.

Software compatible: Mission Planner, QGroundcontrol.

For it to work you must have two products (BTSD1 Transmitter and RMD1 Receiver or RC Transmitter XPAD and RXD Receiver) with licenses activated.


This license can be applied to the following products:






To activate the license, make the purchase of this product and in the internal note of the order, indicate the reference of the product you want activate and the MAC code.

For example: Module RXD2, MAC xxxxxxxxxx.

Once the purchase is made, you will receive a code in 24h (Business Days) or 72h (Weekends) by email so that you can activate the license through DMDStudio software.




* This license can only be applied to the XLRS systems of 2017 hereinafter.

* This product contains 1 license that is applicable to only one module.