TX11MULRS-500-0001. Bidirectional Professional/Military Transmitter Rang RC and Telemetry (70-172Km)

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TX11MULRS-500-0001. Bidirectional Professional/Military Transmitter Rang RC and Telemetry (70-172Km)
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TX11MULRS-500-0001. Violet Series, Range (70 to 172Km)


Professional/Military Transmitter TX11MULRS-500-0001 Violet series digital radio control (869Mhz) with a range betwen (70-172Km RC and Telemetry 500mW), depending on the combination of antennas.

For maximum range, DMD recommended SMP-918-9 antenna .

Stations RC perfect coupling, as for example: WFT-09 (WFLY), FF9 (Futaba) ... (If you have questions you can send an email to dmd@dmd.es)

Used for FPV & UAV modality to Hobby People Advanced and Professional.

Installation is very simple, similar a module of 35Mhz or 2.4 Ghz.

Audible indicator: Low battery, Low coverage, Receiver voltage.

Optional acoustic variometer indication optional depending of receiver.

RCBUS connector for configuration and upgrades.



Transmitterr: TX11MULRS-500-0001

Antenna 3dBi (869-915Mhz).


Technical Characteristics:

Range 70 To 172 km Bibirectional. With TX11MULRS-500 and RXRC11UADV2 (500mW)
Power + 10dBm (10mW).  
Sensitivity -115dBm 90% ok packages
Dimmer Yes. max 18dBm 6DBm steps
RF band Dual ICM Automatic selection
Frequency 868 to 870Mhz and 902 to 928Mhz.  
RF filters Yes Compatible video 1.3Ghz
Pipeline 100 KHz  
Modulation 38 kb GFSK. HF or fixed channel  
RSSI Digital Calibrated +-1dBm
RSSI analog Yes By CH10 (according to firmware)
RF module WM11RC +  
Telemetry Yes. GPS + LRS
Output antenna SMA female connector  
Refresh PPM 40 Hz  
Power 5.0V Min 3.3V. Max 6.5Vcc
Fail Safe Yes Programmable


General Features:

Dimensions 37 x 60 x 21mm  
Weight 38 grams  
Box ABS plastic Black
Updatable Yes BootaDMD-V2
Series Violet

Incluye la ultima version.


How to Use:

Used for FPV/UAV modality.

Also be used for (UAVs, planes, cars, boats, helicopters, Cuadracopters, Robots ...)



Used to people the world FPV / UAV (Hobby Advanced and Professional)


System Connection LRS:

- System Connection LRS of DMD.



- For more information go to the Wiki LRSDMD.





(Example Compatibility with WFT-09)



      If the transmitter module is not compatible with your RC station, you can use the universal TX BTS2PV2 module, this has the same technical characteristics an is compatible with all RC stations, connects the trainer port. If you need more information you can send an email to dmd@dmd.es. 

     Note: These modules can be classified as dual use (civil and military) for sale is restricted and conditioned to permit the Spain authotities.

For more information send email to dmd@dmd.es or contact by phone with service to the client.


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